How do I open myself up to people?

I've been hurt way to many times. I've been off the dating game for 3 years now. Now I feel like it's time for me to get back in the game. But I'm having problems lettings people in. Like cute guys would flirt with me and I would just push them away, or just not acknowledge them. I hate the fact that I'm so scared to let people in. How do I open myself to people?


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  • When you open up, there's a chance that you'll get hurt but it's better to have loved than not loved at all. To open up is to be vulnerable. You're going to get hurt on the way. What you can do is don't shut down a new guy because of your past experiences because that's unfair to him and you. Treat every new relationship as new, as their own, and don't compare your relationships to each other. So treat the new guy based on your two's actions and interactions with each other and not the past. Focus on the moment. Live in the moment.


What Girls Said 1

  • You just do it on your own slow pace. Also, before attempting to open up to them, you need to be perfectly sure that you know them well.


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