He takes forever to text me, so I started doing the same. Now he is acting strangely?

They guy I've been dating is awful with texting me. The reason I get upset is because I know he'll be on social media, but can't send me a text for 12+ hours. I've brought it up to him before, and how I'd appreciate a "hey, sorry I'm really busy. Talk to you when I can". Instead of not hearing anything for what feels like eternity.

Anyways, so for the past week I have been doing the same as he does. I go 2-7 hours without Texting him. Every once in a while I answer back within 10 mins. But typically 2-3.

Now he is acting distant from me. I'm annoyed at how I've brought it up to him and there wasn't really a change, and how if I don't text back, he'll double text me/act weird.

He doesn't seem enthusiastic to text me. His doewnt text me like he used too.

Maybe he is assuming I've lost interest/or am seeing someone else? Neither are true. I'm just trying to show him to stop disrespecting me


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  • well if he is assuming that he might already be seeing someone else and just isn't telling you because he thinks its no big deal since he isn't as serious about the relationship like you are.


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  • He's probably not as invested in this relationship as he thought he'd be?

    • Maybe he isn't. But, now he's acting strangely. He's never acted like this before... like yeah, he typically go 2-5 hours without testing me. Occasionally 12+. But like content of his texts are different the vibe I am getting

    • It seems like he doesn't even want to communicate with you. I would nip this in the bud before it gets ugly.

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  • I don't know when I'm texting a girl I'm interested in I try my best to respond as quickly as I can. But of course things like work, school and driving cause delays

  • "I'm just trying to show him to stop disrespecting me"

    But how is he supposed to know that? In his head he most likely just thinks you're busy. Just fucking stop beating around the bush and tell him the truth.

    • I have told him how I feel about it... so now I'll show him with my actions.

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