Guy losing interest after sex?

Hey everyone, so I've been talking to/ causally dating this guy for the past two months. We had our last date a week ago and things became heated and we ended up sleeping together. Since this happened, he has cut down on contacting me. He used to text me a lot more and if he didn't hear from me he would text me random things. Since sleeping together it has been up to me to text him first. He always texts me right back but doesn't really want to engage in long conversations like he once did. He told me after we slept together that the sex had been good and had been the highlight of his day so I don't think I thought it was bad. Do you guys know why he would lose interest?

I'm supposed to see him this Saturday but I'm not sure if I should bring up the issue of him not texting me or act like everything is fine and see how he acts? Not sure what to do. I've never had someones behavior change after sleeping with them. It's kind of like he doesn't really care now. He was so into me before all of this.


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  • well seems like he got what he wanted therefore he no longer has to try as much. dont get me wrong probably a good guy but its clear that he wanted some sex now that he gots it. He puts less effort into yalls relationship


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  • Basically his a dick


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