Would you be ok if your boyfriend was tagged in a picture with a girl he had a one night stand with?

I don't know how I haven't seen this picture until now but the picture is a year old (barely before we got together). He's tagged in it on Facebook and the caption says "look at the present so and so brought me". The picture is him passed out half naked in her bed and one of the comments says "he gave me a back rub he's so sweet and it was so good". He's related to her sister by marriage so I'm worried on how close they were. He's not friends with her on Facebook but he was when we were first dating. I brought it up for the first time during an argument like an idiot and now he refuses to untag himself because he's mad and it bothered me and said "it's in the past". I feel that the past shouldn't ruin the future but I don't want to see this!


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  • no I don't think most people would be ok with that photo at all , sounds highly inapproiate for public view and just weird the way its described , but not sure what to do about it since its on his profile and over a year old

    • I mean I don't even have pictures of my sons father on my Facebook. The pictures of my son and his dad are in his baby book and that's it. I don't know keeping pictures of someone else's boyfriend passed out in your bed sounds kind of trashy

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  • I understand why you're upset, but this was over a year old right, you probably only found it because you were going through his facebook. You probably only saw it because you went through his old facebook posts, so it's not his fault you saw it. If you don't want to see it, don't go digging. It's also very likely he forgot about it until you brought it up. However, if there were any recent tags or if she reposted it with him tagged, then that would be highly inappropriate and in which case I think he should untag himself.

    • Your right about digging I did it to myself. I didn't know he had slept with her which was not really my business because we weren't together. But I do find it inappropriate that 2 weeks ago he asked a friend in front of me if he she still runs into her at this place. I thought nothing of it at the time but it kinda made my jealousy worse

    • I think him asking about her is what you should have talked about although I can see why you instead brought up the picture on facebook. I would perhaps wait a bit though to talk about it until he's no longer mad about it. Do try to bring it up in a non-confrontational manner, perhaps start by acknowledging that yes the picture wasn't really your business because the two of you weren't together yet, his past is his but his present is your's, and when he asked a friend about his old one night stand a few weeks ago, it made you feel (jealous, upset, insecure, unhappy, etc) and you want to understand why he asked about her because how would he feel if you asked after an old fuck buddy or friends with benefits. He likely wouldn't be as comfortable (and if he says he is, check is body language, he might just be saying oh, it would be okay, because he wants to think what he did is ok).

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  • Don't get triggered by old fb photos. It's not relevant to this current, now relationship with him.

  • I'd ignore it


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