Why is this guy always checking if i'm online?

I've known this guy for a few months now and we have great conversations and talk preety much everyday. We like to tease eachother ( especially him ) and sometimes we get into little fights but we sort it out almost immediately.
I like him and he knows it, but we never met eachother in person. We talk through an online platform and you can see when that other person was last online.
I decided to test him to see if he misses me and disappared from that platform for 2 days. I didn't tell him anything i just did it. However i was online the entire time, and noticed that he checked the platform 4 times the last 2 days and he logged off once he saw i wasn't there.
Does this mean he's into me if he's contasntly checking if i'm there?
He's probably used to see me there everyday so now he might be wondering if i lost interest?

Any opinion would be helpfull thanks :)


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  • Just say hi next time. Clearly he wants a conversation or attention or something from you


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