Is he not interested in me?

We have known each other for 4 months now and talk almost daily. We went out Twice and we work in the same job. We have madeout before and seen movies at my house. Since we met he has shown every sign he liked me and we would talk about anything when he gave me a ride home. We flirt in text and now he's showing and expressing His feelings more gradually. When we talk he's very nice and says funny things and remembers what I say. He's genuinely a nice person and the people there also say the same. I didn't let him go further wen we madeout but he didn't get mad. So honestly I think he does care about me. The way he acts in person is different and he's genuinely nice and I feel comfortable with him. So I don't know what do u guys think? We will always send each other pics with endearing looks or funny ones. we went out then few weeks after to my house , few weeks after we went out again then to my house few weeks later. but still until now he showed interest all the time n would stare get jealous of my guy friends, flirt, now his close friend talks to me, he's always talking to meals day in text or at work I'm the only girl he talks to. he initiated the 1st date and I did the rest. we argued for a second once bout something then stopped right away. Im confused.


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  • His friend obviously would say he only talks to you because he's his close friend so. He clearly only wants sex and since he waited for so long and couldn't have it he got bored and decided to cut you off when the dumbest argument happened as an excuse. Forget him he's a player you deserve betterz


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