What does it mean when you ask a guy out and he says yes but then goes MIA?

So I met this guy at a wedding and we didn't talk much but when we did we were laughing and having a good time. I would catch him looking at me a lot. We exchanged Facebook and instagram and started following each other. A week later I asked him if he wanted to go grab a drink the next weekend, he said yes , so I asked if Sunday would be ok because I work Friday and Saturday, he said he was free sundays. I suggested a place and got no response for a few hours until I decided Sunday's are boring and I should pick a better day that I didn't work, so I chose Thursday. I asked him if that would be ok instead. He said unfortunately he has a friends birthday that day. After, I said that I was free Saturday and Sunday now what works for you? And no response, last I looked he didn't even read it on Facebook, that was 5 days ago. My messages have since been deleted so I don't know if he saw it or not. Although I thought he was ignoring me for no reason , and of course being a girl I wanted to know why. All over social media, (Facebook, and instagram mostly) he looks at my stories and likes my posts. I know before a first date there is no obligation to text constantly to the person because that's weird. It just seemed like he was interested for a few days and not interested the next few days. I was just wondering from a guys point of view if you would say he is interested or not because the day is coming up and we have yet to even really set an actual date.


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  • he might be scared or dosent trust you enough or might just be busy. try again he might respond but don't look to depserate doing that. any thing else happy to help.


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  • He probably saw it, but he changed his mind about going out with you. Maybe he thought that you were trying to evade seeing him when you decided to cancel on Sunday.

    • I didn't even cancel at all. I was just giving him options.

    • I'm the one who asked him out.

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