Tinder girl. Should I ask for her number again? Or is the ball in her court now?

So I matched with this girl and basically texted for two days about 12 messages back and forth, so I asked for her number and asked her out for dinner and she said she will give me her number when she is ready let's just talk here (tinder) for the time being. And we texted normally after that, about 4 masseges a day for almost 5 days now, but the thing is I really hate texting and I rather meet up in person and it just gets a lot harder to find a topic to talk about. So do I ask again for the date/number or end it. By the way she lives and hour and half away from my city and I asked her when is she coming to my city and she was like in two weeks or so.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Nope, don't ask her. If she wanted you to have it, she would have already given it to you


What Guys Said 2

  • well then wait to meet her in person

  • Just lol at taking a girl you met on tinder out on a date son. Just lol.


    • I've never asked a tinder gal before on a date, however this time I like her lol

    • Just ignore this. Not every girl on Tinder is a slut/attention whore/mentally insane/gold digging or whatever other list of terms frustrated guys use to label girls on Tinder. Firstly you can get an indication from her pictures and then talking to her afterwards. I've had some great conversations with girls on Tinder and if they make me think they're worth it, I'll have absolutely no problem taking them out. Some girls are actually on it because they genuinely want to find someone, it does actually exist.

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