Why was this guy that I used to date so smirky and smiling at me when he saw me?

When I first met him, he really liked me, and I think he still might; we connected in every way possible. He thought I was very beautiful etc, and we shared the exact same world views. We were a great match, and he claimed to love my innocence. We are both "eccentric" people. However, because of his dishonesty around certain things and the fact that I was not ready for a relationship at the time I broke it off and told him to never talk to me again and blocked him from all avenues, about 8 months ago.

He has just got a job at a store that I walk past regularly to get to my job; and everytime I go past, he gives me this big smirk whilst looking at me up and down... like he is checking me out. He kind of laughs... I am very shy, timid and awkward in comparison to him, but I have many other guys interested in me, so I don't know why I can't let this go.

What does this mean? What do you think? Does he think I am weird/laughing stock or something?


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  • he is an idiot making u feel uncomfortable by staring at u eventually pushing u to a breaking point where u talk to him spit what u said. there is always the classic restraining order if not at least walk into the store and speak to his boss so that it won't happen. after all in all technicality jus staring at u can be considered sexual harassment. its up to u what u do but i digress its ur life live it forget him and be happy

    • But, is he laughing at me because he thinks badly of me or because he wants to be with me? Or does he just see himself as superior and want control? (From what I have said in the question?)

    • Laughing/smirking/looking at me up and down **

    • seem he wants u back and does look like a bit of a superiority complex

  • He kind of has an anger developed upon you fro chiding him and blocking him.. he wanted a relationship with you.. but he considers himself to be superior to you (God knows why)

    You. must not pay attention to him at all.. after all he was your past and need to dealt with accordingly.. don't be murky on this please.. just live the life in your way without caring about how others behave.. Have a good life ahead!


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  • He knows that you like him that's why he has that reaction


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