Do you use your brain or your heart to choose between two dates?

What would you choose?
I am in this position. I like both girls.

If I go brain, there's a chance the Heart's feelings stay with me throughout a relationship.

If I go heart, there could be less of a chance that it works.

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  • brain...😊


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  • I'm often advocating using both but must admit when it comes to dating, I just go for every single girl I'm attracted towards in a rather headstrong way. I'm not thinking rationally about which girl would make the ideal partner or not. I leave that to discovery.

    • >> I am in this position. I like both girls.

      In this case I'd just ask one out, whichever one you seem to like better or seems to like you better or both, and then if she doesn't agree, ask the other one. :-D

    • One reason I don't use the brain much when it comes to choosing who I date is that it's often too difficult to boil down a human being's ability to make a good partner to you or not based on what you can gather outside of a dating context. Sometimes even a wonderful female friend could turn out to be a horrible girlfriend, and sometimes a girl who didn't seem like she would make such a good friend can make an excellent one. I always see it as rolling the dice to some degree.

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  • I think Heart's job is to pump blood not deal with this bull sihit

  • Brain. Heart just causes you to work with emotions. Emotions are always poor at making decisions.