How can I quickly get over him?

I thought a friend from school liked me and so on Wednesday I messaged him, thanking him for teaching me something during class. He never messaged back, so I'm guessing that's a rejection. He is a friend of mine so I thought he would at least answer. I don't know. Maybe he meant to and just never got around to it. But for now, I'm going to assume rejection. How can I get over him when I have to see him in class on Monday?


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  • What did you need help with

    • It was in my nurses class. I needed help understanding how to vital signs like blood pressure. I remember that he said he was going to leave but he stayed after and helped me. By the time, I finished with the vital signs, I looked up and he was gone. So I thanked him later.

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    • Maybe check on him again

    • Okay thanks.

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