Are we friends with benefits?

There is mutual attraction between the two of us. I don't like the fact that I love him so much. He's not looking for a relationship with anyone because he's still hurt from his last relationship. Which was several years ago. But he wants to spend time with me laughing, crying, eating. There's no sex because I'm saving myself for marriage and I told him after he had started touching my legs. Now I want to have physical contact but only if he wants to. There are times where we both are looking into each other's eyes and we're really close... but one of us will turn our head at some point. I just want to know is he flat out uninterested or is he just waiting for me to be show my vulnerable self so he can swoop in for the kill?


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  • You're aren't friends with benefits because there's no sex so you're just friends. If a guy says he doesn't want a relationship then he truly means it. There's only sexual attraction from his side and nothing more than that, otherwise he'd make an exception to you and date you. He wants sex and no commitment, you want no sex and commitment. You two just aren't compatible, forcing the issue will only lead you to being hurt in the end.

    • Ok so on top of all this he complimented my earrings which he hasn't done before. And it felt weird, nice, but weird. He says every time we " hangout" it's a date because it's just the two of us alone talking eating and laughing. But we're not dating. So... do I take the time to be vulnerable with him and get to know him? Or do I give him the bird and move on

    • Why is that first one even an option? He already told you what he wanted which isn't what you want. Him calling it a date doesn't mean he wants a relationship with you, ever heard of casual dating? Move on or get heart broken knowing you had the chance to walk away.

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  • Nope, since you do not have sex with each other. Do you kiss?

    • Nope. Haven't felt comfortable enough to even grab his arm when I'm walking. But he always walks really close to me. Is that his way of saying " I want to break the touch barrier with you?"

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  • No, friends with benefits involves sex.

    At best you're cuddle buddies.

    • I want to initiate contact but I don't know how and he did touch me at first.. until I freaked out because I was feeling my body react in ways I don't understand.

  • Waiting for you to initiate I think

    • So... on top of this he complimented my earrings. Which felt weird to me. But he said every time we " hangout " it's a date because it's the two of us alone. But we're not dating so what the heck?

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    • Thanks for the advice by the way. I appreciate it. That's another thing! He keeps saying " I appreciate you"

    • No problem

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