Guys, would you date a girl who was in a "friends with benefits" relationship in the past if she told you? And if not, why?

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  • Yes I would. I don't care what she did before meeting me, just don't cheat me while being with me. Simple.


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  • I imagine many of them would have no issue with that

    • Tell me about it XD girls nowadays are going crazy

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  • A girl's past is her past.. i don't think I need any background check kind of a thing.. it was her will.. it was her desire to be in such relationship.. why would i judge her on that part.. if she is with me.. i would love her the way she is..

  • I would. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as it's over the time we start dating.

  • Not now, no. If I later got in to a friends with benefits relationship myself then afterwards I wouldn't mind dating a girl who had one. But since I haven't had one, my views and experiences don't align with her's.

  • I will say we become friends only when we feel a emotional connection and having sex with that person means that at a subconscious level you have more feelings for that person and dating a girl who is in love with another person is just foolish..

    • Uh no.. The girl is supposed to have been in such a relationship in the past but when she meets the guy she is single and, like, in love with him and only him... Not that I'd ever been in such a situation, because when it comes to sex I just can't function if feelings aren't involved (and I mean strong ones).. But I was curious to see what people thought of that XD

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    • Well yes I also must like how the person looks to have sex with him, but I don't have a specific "type" in men

    • these are the physical characteristics.. what about sexual characteristics?

  • LOL @ all of the thirsty guys that have barely any standards. A woman's past does matter. Since when does everything a person has done in their past vanish as if it was magic, like it never happened? Have you guys listened to yourselves?

    Too much estrogen in the water supply I swear. The past is not the past. What state do you think a woman will be in if she had 5 abortions in the past, or was constantly cheated on, or constantly cheated, or took drugs. The past matters.

    Women are busy judging you on your height, how you look, what you wear, how confident you are, how you talk, your hair style, your physique AND YOUR PAST and yet you say ''the past is the past''

    DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH. Get some balls!


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