Not sure if he blocked me in some way on fb?

Went on b to look up guy I'm dating to see if he wrote anything new. He wasn't searchable on my phone and I think his likes were gone. I thought weird why would he block me. But then I went on my computer and it says we are fb friends when I pull up the chat. And I can search him where his pic shows. But when I go to click on his profile this shows up.
Not sure if he blocked me in some way on fb?
dont want to be that crazy b**** that calls so I'm asking where first lol


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  • there are two option 1 he closed his account I mean deactivate probable he might deactive his account therefore you can't find it untill he open his account
    2 he blocked you. It's very easy If I were you I would have open create a new account face acount and try to find his account If I would have find his account It means he blocked me If I could not have find his account It meas he deactive his account so there is no problem


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