I need tips when talking to girls?

So generally I'm told I'm good looking and I do frequently get a few looks from girls around college and when I'm about... I just have one idea how to just go up and talk to them like it frustrates me how I'm uncapable to build up confidence to go chat up a lass. I honestly think this will best my chances of a proper relationship with actual love involved because I'm sick of these meet-on-facebook type of relationship that feels much more as a catfish when I think of it


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  • It should not be that different from talking to a guy, the only difference is that we have tits.


What Guys Said 1

  • Talking to a girl is like talking to someone, except that they're a girl. The only way to get better is to mess up first, so just go.

    Also, college? Sorry my man, but that grammar doesn't scream "I'm at university". Also it says you're 17.

    • Yeah, I'm from England so you go to college starting 16+ about and as for my grammar; you should see my college my college assignments, they're a lot better.😂

    • also, thank for the advice!

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