Have you ever been "Catfished"?

Just curious about how many people have really been "catfished"

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Most Helpful Guy

  • oh god it was horrible, it why I don't take online dating seriously anymore without face timing, Skype, or Snapchat.

    • If you don't mind sharing, what happened? I find this stuff interesting:)

    • Well we meet online through Tinder, she said she played PS4 so I told to add me. Well her pictures on tinder look realistic, not too good looking or staged, so I was thinking this could really be her. As we talked over mic while play PS4 and through text when not playing, she seemed to "chill" like she wasn't being herself and was just trying to impress me, so look up the name on her tinder profile through all social media and couldn't find anything. Then I goggle search it and found out that the pictures and name she was using was of a girl who lived out in Europe. Needless to say I confronted her and she blocked me on everything and that was the last I heard from her.

What Guys Said 2

  • not that i know of. lol

  • I suspect so. The are loads of creeps online on dating apps etc. Tinder is the worst.


What Girls Said 1

  • No , but I've played people who I knew were playing me. I turned it to my advantage. They were non the wiser. Sometimes you've got to play the fool, to fool the fool who's fooling you lol

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