Why does he want to hang out every weekend? Am I being played?

Went on 3 dates with this guy, he didn't want to date anymore and be friends, we never had sex or kissed during that time. I stopped initiating conversations as we weren't friends as we met online. It's been three weeks since he ended it, but he still wants to hang out every weekend, which I find weird - I turned down the first two times he wanted to hang.

I met with him for drinks last week, which was the first time I saw him since our third date and we ended up making out - but he said he was sorry and it won't happen again and for me to not expect anything more - which I was fine because I was just having fun.

But tonight, he asks me what's happening this weekend... as if I am obliged to hang out with him? Like wtf? I saw you the week before already. He didn't want to date and told me to not expect anything more, then why does he want to hang every weekend? Am I being played here? I don't text him fyi, he is always texting me.

I don't know what he wants!!! Someone please tell me!! It's confusing me!


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  • i'd watch Does he only want sex? by hiddenreaction, i found it very helpful. I would look it up


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