Long distant boyfriend gift ideas?

Hello! Im looking for gift ideas for my boyfriend. (For guys) What would you like your girlfriend to send you as a gift? (For girls) have you sent your boyfriend anything that he really liked (if long distant)? There isn't a really special occasion to my gift I'm going to send so there doesn't have to be a theme. I just want to send a thoughtful gift to know I love him (:
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  • My girlfriend got me an art thing that had the states we live in on it that overlapped with our specific cities and it had a heart there. It was the greatest gift ever. I have kept it by my bed ever since I got it. It's special to me because it means a lot to show that our two places are brought together by our love. Something like that could be super sweet. She's also gotten me souvenir like stuff from where she's from that always makes me think of her. And she's sent me postcards from her home area which is super cool too. I don't know if your relationship is like that or if it helps but those are just some things I've got that have made the long distance easier because I know I'm always where she is in her heart and she's in mine.


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  • Something creative that comes from the heart.


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