Why did he flinch when I hugged him?

So there was this guy I like, we went for a night out together, and we practically spent more than 4 hours dancing around together, making long eye contacts, singing embarrassing songs to each other, flirting and being totally gross with each other. And when I had to go, I wished him good night and he kissed me (on the cheeks) and told me he had fun, so I went for a hug but he practically flinched and I'm not sure if he did pull back or if i was the one who totally broke the hug, but it was like a 2-second-hug, but it was unpleasant and I still don't know why he'd act this way, especially since I'm almost sure that he reciprocates my feelings.


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  • Hahaha, men are so afraid of women these days. Bunch of pussies... feminism killed men. Goodluck ladies


What Girls Said 1

  • He is afraid that you would want a relationship.. hahahahahah he freaked out because he doesn't want you to think that it was more than spending fun time together..


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