Do women ever feel like they're wrong and need to fix the situation?

do women in a relationship ever realize that something's they said was wrong or that u may have hurt a guy that has feelings for u if so how do u go about handling it?


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  • Absolutely! No one is perfect. There are absolutely times when I am wrong. Sometimes, I am difficult just because I have had a hard day. When it happens and I realize it, I admit it and apologize.

    • do u ever feel like u should regain trust?

    • If I screw up really bad, I definitely feel like it is my job to make it right and regain trust.

  • Yah it happens to me sometimes when I'm angry or upset and I apologize once I realize what I said was rude.

  • If I know I'm I the wrong, I always apologise.
    Sometimes I say sorry even if what I did was justified, and I was in the right but still feel guilty for my part in it.

    Although, before I met my partner, I went through this really weird thing with a guy I liked, nothing happened between us, we were just friends, but it was toxic. We were always hurting each other and then making up, and I remember apologising for something I'd been a bitch to him about and him saying "stop apologising for stuff you haven't done" even though we both knew what'd happened.
    He always did that though - everytime things were fine, he'd pretend all the bad stuff was never there in the first place. It was kind of frustrating.

    We carried on being asshole's to each other for a while, and I never apologised to him for it again, until we eventually just stopped talking... but, in general, I always apologise and often torture myself with guilt long afterwards.


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