Should I of Approached? If so, How Should I Have Done So?

I was at the store today. I kept running into this passing by this girl. I really wanted to approach her and introduce myself. Instead. I just forgot about it.

Should I have said hello to her? If so, how coyld I have done it without being a creep?


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  • It's okay. It's too late now


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  • A simple excited Hi wide eyes and smile... I work in customer service and come across a lot of people.
    Always try to be the first one to acknowledge and welcome everyone. and be attentive with eye contact and ready triggered with a Good morning or whatever. but follow it up by asking how their day is going. follow by great and i hope the rest of you day as well still smiling...
    It is not fake if you sincerely mean it as you would for this woman. If you get in a habit of doing this type of welcoming all the time you will not forget

  • this is my life. i see a cute girl and she notices me, we look at eachother, i decide to approach but its like my brain fighting my body holding it back, i dont approach, i lose the opportunity then i feel bad about not approaching