Is he in love with me?

I've been involved with this lovely musician for a while. He's truly sweet and kind and considers what I have to say. Lately over the months, things began to get a bit serious. I really enjoy talking to him as he does to me... and I used to start crying and shaking involuntarily because I feel a deep connection with him; there's just something powerful about this guy that I never experienced with anyone else in my life. He also wants me to see him and we're planning it very soon <3

Recently he wrote a song about me, and he has written other songs about me. But I am not entirely sure if he's in love or not; though the lyrics say, "Never really had something real but with you I know this is how love feels."

Is he in love with me? He never openly told me that he is, so I can never be sure.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Love is an over abused word. The true meaning of Love needs to be harvested from sharing all of you together in person. However I would say he is very interested in you and his intention of wanting to fall in love with are there. Just from what you wrote and how you feel I can tell you you really are wanting to be in love with him.
    I would just let it happen or not. spend time together be connected in every way (not necessarily sexual) but emotionally for sure. Communicate share and open your hearts for each other to discover.


What Girls Said 1

  • I believe he is very infatuated with you, which is a really positive thing


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