How bad have I fucked up?

I've had an incident with that girl I liked
Basically I was planning to ask her to prom but I couldn't because of certain events but then my friend that doesn't even like her asked her to prom and she asked me what she should say to him, I went to one of my other friends and asked what I should say to her and ended up telling her that I wanted to ask her myself, she's gone to London for the weekend (which is why I didn't ask her earlier before my friend because I didn't want to stress her out with her not being at home) so I'm worried she's going to stress out about it a lot because she doesn't know what to say to either of us
I really don't know what to do
The whole stressing thing might seem a bit stupid but she had a panic attack when someone she knew liked her confronted her about liking her (this wasn't me btw)


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  • She doesn't want either one of us it sounds like or she would have picked right?


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