Should I text this girl I haven't seen or texted in 4 months or wait till I "bump" into her again?

I kind of forgot about this girl I used to hang out with but earlier today I saw her at my university. She looked like she was in a rush though, otherwise I would have stopped and talked to her. I don't think she saw me but at least now I have an excuse to text her right? Should I text her and ask how she is doing or wait till I bump into her again. I was thinking of saying hey I saw you earlier today at 2 or something like that. She might wonder why I didn't stop her so should I say it looked like you were in a rush or should I say that I thought I saw her at 2 but I'm not sure?


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  • you should text her "hey I think I saw you earlier today but wasn't sure if it was you. how have you been?"

    • I feel like now that I know when she is on campus I can say that whenever right? Should I be a creep and be on campus when she is and try to talk to her in person. Would it be better than just texting her out of the blue like that?

    • it's up to you really

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