Why do I feel use to the relationship? why can't I actually feel the way I use to?

I know I love him but I miss that feeling yknow?


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  • It's normal to get bored if things lose excitement. Try new things, take a vacation together or something, just the two of you. :)

    • But we have only been dating 2 months

    • Reading your other comments, it seems like it was this confident and hard exterior of his that you fell for, like a big guardian of sorts, and now he's gone soft? That's why I'm suggesting trying new things, to get his own self back. As I like to say it: People don't change, their priorities does. If he's grown comfortable with you, it's likely that he doesn't feel the need to express it as much -- same goes for you. In a relationship, it doesn't have to be much, but occasional small gestures can help a great deal in this feeling. It sounds like your everyday lives have taken a toll on this excitement, so you just need to get this excitement back. :)

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  • if you've been together for a while, things can start to feel routine; if that's the case, you need to shake things up or do things that remind you why you had the hots for each other in the first place.

    • Any ideas how?, I fell for him cause he was the bad guy and was just fucking other girls... for me... he fell in love with me.. and that felt amazing to be that special girl. He was also one of my best friends..

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    • then doing one is probably a bad idea. like i mentioned, it only works if both of you are into it... so perhaps stick to one of the other options for now.

    • I know I'm extremely jealous and it makes me want him bad... but like I guess I was just super in to the bad boy confident.. etc.. and how he chose me to change for and now he's all mushy

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