I need good conversations starters anyone know of any creative ones, but not too personal?

So I know this girl from the gym and she works there. I won't get into all the details but basically with both know that we are interested in each other.

The problem is that there is a block in conversations.. When she is there, and when she time we talk for a bit and conversations are good. Other times they are dead, its like we don’t know what we’re supposed to talk about. She and myself both might not want to ask more personal questions about each other. But for now keep it more like light small talk. She comes up to me to talk, sometimes we don’t say much and she might go talk to another girl.

Next week I’m going to a movie with friends that we both know and she invited herself along. The reason for this is that we haven’t gone out yet as I think she needs more time to feel comfortable. An outing like this with mutual friends is a good hang out without her being at work and no big deal with a date just yet

The problem it’s obvious we both want to get to know each other and break the ice more. I can’t ask too many personal questions but I need to build up rapport?

How can this be done? Anyone have any good conversation starters? I do know we are into each other. But it seems we need start pushing into more “get to know you questions” than from small talk.


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  • Got any plans this summer
    Where would you go if you could buy a plane ticket right now
    Do you like/have any dogs/cats?
    What's your favorite show/ movie/music/song/ band?
    what annoys you about the opposite sex
    What do you look for in a man
    How's work? What's your position at work?
    wheres the best food you've ever had
    Any good new places opening around town?
    Talk about the movie you'll be seeing next week.

    • Ok some of that is ok, but those type questions are way head. I mean small talk for when we run into each other. I mean things other than "Hows your day?" and "Hows the weather?" light fluffy topics.

    • Don't overthink it. All of these subjects can be matter of fact small talk.

    • I'll just google some topics. I need something of substance here. I know she is interested But I worry that I dont have enough things to say to jump start the conversation and then lose her.

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  • Ask for her opinion on things tell her your opinion on things. Tell stories that relate to things happening around you. Anything can be made into conversation

    • I guess thats a good idea. I just think its has to well timed and not out of place like within the context of where we are.. Also it needs to neutral. Sometimes with her, my mind goes blank. I freeze out. More comfort and rappore need to happen for me toast more questions, but I can't get it until I ask more.

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    • She wants to come along to a movie me and these other guys are going to. she insisted so yeah. but Im thinking of some other stuff. I find when when we talk she introduces me to a friend or something as a topic on conversation in itself but that doesn't help us get to know each other better

    • Bro I don't know what more to say than best of luck. Usually I just find topics related to the situation or to something that I am doing or she us doing. See if you both see any TV shows or something. I don't have any suggestions other than that as I don't usually get stuck in the situation where I don't find any topics to talk upon

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