What the hell just happened with this girl?

So met a girl off of the tinder app, I wasn't all that keen on her tbh as i have a habit of clicking right wihtout looking.

Anyways she messages me and starts telling me how much im just her type... she does all the chasing. all the complimenting everything... constantly thinking im not gonna like her in person etc...

I'll admit i was just being friendly and slowly trying to cut contact but because she was soo keen and a nice girl was doing it slowly by replying less and less...

She asked me out and i thought why not she is a nice girl and very keen, so we go on the date and tbh i never made much effort romantically as i wasn't that into her physically but we still had a good laugh and i thought was a nice night.

Half way through the night she asked me my age... and i thought she was aware of it as it said on the app, turns out there is an 8 year gap... she couldnt believe it as i look younger but wasn't put off as her ex was 6 years older...

So i drop her off, and she was being a little offish... and i asked her if she was okay and wanted to do it another time... cause i actually had grown a bit more keen on her due to her personaltiy and how well we clicked... she said yes!!! i thought you werent that into me yadda yadda.,.. so i explained no i was just being gentleman like on the first date and not being all over her.

next day got a text saying sorry i don't think we should meet again as i think the age gap is too big... which is obv bullcrap as she had no issues the night before...

So whats made this girl who seemingly was smitten right up till i dropped her off... change her mind so fast?


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  • Perhaps it was your attitude, seemingly disinterested...


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