Are good looking at a disadvantage when it comes to dating as opposed to good looking girls?

I never thought of myself as good looking, but a neat beard, new hair style, cool and laid back personality and good style and being 6'2 apparently does make me really good looking (According to every girl i know), so based on everyone i know, it seems iam very good looking, but that doesn't serve me well in the dating world, sure i've dated before, i get looks a lot, i have very attractive women eyeing me and smiling at me sometimes, and the compliments, they're there. especially when iam at college and among college aged girls.

but the girls i always attract are either : 1- unattractive, 2- really hot but taken, i haven't attracted a hot single lady in a long long time... not to mention women seem much less likely to talk to me than to my average looking friends ( again what people say not my own opinion) .

Hot girls though... they dont seem to have a problem getting a man, and no guys aren't intimidated enough to stay away from them it only exists in fantasies and on this site, there is no such thing as "she's single because men are afraid to talk to her" it doesn't exist there is always a guy who will, heck i will if i know she's single and i've tried before (but turned out to be taken ) .

So iam asking a simple question : who has dating easier attractive men or attractive women? (easier as in more likely to be approached and talked to and not just stared at from afar )
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  • Needs a ''both'' option, because I don't think this is as simple as ''guys/girls have it easier'', I think this is a case of, ''sexier people in general have it easier than ugly people''.
    I can assure you that it isn't twenty stone women who have all of these guys flocking to them, and likewise, blonde haired guys with blue eyes and chiselled pecs WILL be approached by a woman eventually.
    Having said that, ugly women do have an advantage over ugly men as our society expects men to make the first move. But i'm still not voting as I don't agree with the wording of your question.


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    It's easier for attractive women because (since guys usually and are expected to approach) they simply look pretty and wait for guys to approach them. Also, there are a lot less attractive women than there are attractive men so more women have options. They can afford to be more picky because of this.

    In regards to your comment about girls checking you out, if you spot that shit happening then that's your cue to approach!

    It's really annoying but many girls use the "I have a boyfriend" line as a shit test when they are completely single. My advice? Maybe find social circles who meet new people so you can find single girls.


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  • Considering that it's still seen as the norm that men approach women instead of vice versa, the women will in most cases always have it easier in the sense you are talking about.

  • Actually I think attractive guys have it better than attractive girls, but average girls have it better than average guys, and then ugly guys and girls are more or less equally fucked. However ugly guys do have to option to offset their ugliness with wealth, but most don't.


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