I kind of like this girl, but I have no idea how to approach her romantically. Thoughts?

This girl is my friend, and I've had liked her for a while but I'm unsure how to do anything about it. I could obviously ask her out but after that I'm stuck. I'm rather inexperienced as a whole when it comes to all things that have to do with relationships and don't know how to go about things in the way expected. Plus I don't really get a lot of the stuff people do. A lot of things people hold in society as conventional strikes to me as nonsense. That's also another reason I'm stuck.

Also there is this thing called "talking" which is something you apparently do before going out. Explain how to initiate that or whatever


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  • Think of something you like to do, are passionate about and invite her to join you.
    Sometimes that alone gets our interest and attraction going.


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