I think my wife is sending other men nudes?

I've come across some nude pics in her phone that I haven't seen and when we met she was in a 4 year relationship and was sending me nudes all the time while she was with him now she gas new pictures of her that she didn't send me


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  • It sounds ominous... she could have taken them for herself or to surprise you with but really if she has done this before with you chances are she would/could do it again.
    I'd ask


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  • This is exactly why I don't go for women that show me serious interest WHILE they are still in a relationship.

    Now you may have become the other guy...

    • Exactly. Because if she does it with you... she's do it to you.

    • I was unaware of the other guys existence until a couple of months into us they were broken up

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  • Well , maybe she has that weird fantasy , directly talk to her

  • confront her. nice approach so she won't freak out