Why do guys say they "love" you. then ignore the crap out out of you? am I over reacting? please read?

my boyfriend tells me he loves me, but i don't believe him, simply because he doesn't show it. Like he makes no time for me, he never bought something for me. like NEVER. not even a candy bar. like, what the heck? Although, we work different hours at work. like when I'm working he is sleeping and when I'm sleeping his working. but i feel like he can make the time to talk to me., just like i make the time to talj to him sometimes... and spending 30 minutes on the phone is like a miracle. im not use to this kind of "love". am I over reacting? please tell me.


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  • You are not over reacting , he couldnt be so busy that he can't spend any time on you , dont get me wrong this is just my opinion but i think its all about priorites 🙂

    • exactly. like sometimes i feel bad because I always tell him how he doesn't make time for, and I'd hate to beg for hus attention, but i feel like he gives me no time of the day. when he calls me i can't pick up, when i call him he can't pick up. it's just like wth? and how do i know what he is really doing, yah know? and i do feel like I'm the last on his list. like I'm not a priority at all. I'm just tired if it. and everyday i go through this. I'm working 3 jobs and his working 2, our hours doesn't really allow to talk a lot, but a text message at lease. like come on

    • I repeat its just my opinion dont get me wrong, but i think you should end that relatioship 🙂 just by thinking about it , you put energy and time in that relationship , and you get nothing in return , he is just not worth it , and that is his fault , get you a man who will appriciate you 👍

    • exactly...

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  • Nope your not overreacting. a lot of men, not all but some it comfortable in a relationship after awhile they feel like they dont have to keep working to keep u around versus in the beginning. If a guy doesn't show me the attention that I need, I would be upset and feel the same way as you and bring it to his attention that we need to communicate more


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  • You are not over reacting.. it's natural.. you want time which he does not seem to have for you.. it's always kind of mutual to have a relationship maintained.. bc saying I love you is the easiest thing.. but maintaining is equally difficult..

  • you're just over reacting and he's probably comfortable where he is with you but still loves you :)

    • and i think that's what bothers me the most, is that he is comfortable. like how? how do you get comfortable with doing a whole day without talking me? how?

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    • dont stress too much about it, you're both adults so both living busy lives (lifes?) you're dating so you will see him and talk to him again try not to worry about it :)

    • thank you. . i will try

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