PLEASE HELP! Should I wait a while longer?

okay, I asked the guy I like on a date. I asked him if he wanted to go see a movie with me or do something else but on a day that he doesn't work. he said that he would love to go out with me and said that he will tell me when. its been a week that I asked him and he has not called me or texted me at all. so I was wondering if I should just be patient and wait another week for him to call me or text me about our date. or should I just give up and accept that he was just playing around with me... PLEASE HELP ME... any advice.. PS. I've never been on a date or asked anyone out.. this is why I don't know what to do...


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  • A week is too long. His loss!

    Unless something horrible happened in his life in that week but if he hasn't even texted/called to say sorry for not getting back to you...seriously consider just moving on. sorry :-/

    • Thank you for the advice.. it really hurts to hear the truth.. but you are right its better to move on..

    • Hey, you're still young and it's great that you took the chance. At least you's worse not to take any chances in life. I know how you feel but you'll be okay :)

    • Thank you very much :). you are right it is worse not to take any chances. I just hope that I will be okay.

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  • If a guy is into you he will contact you ask you out etc if not he's not into you move on...


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