We still like each other but I don't know how to speak to him?

I fell for a guy at a walking group a few years ago. There was a mutual attraction but people in the walking group did everything they could to make sure we did not date. At the time I thought these people were friends and were trying to protect me. It turns out some of the men lied as they wanted to date me and some of the women lied as they wanted to date him.

Over the years I have seen him but many times I have struggled to make eye contact or speak to him as though he isn't there as I never knew what was true. I was only temporarily not speaking to him at the time as I needed to gather my thoughts but then it got harder for me to make the first move and speak to him.

I know he still likes me and he would love to date me. Some of his friends who I know and are not part of the trouble making walking group have told me this and I know as he recently has tried to speak to me and said hello and asked how I was and I said hi but then he had to go to a birthday party.

I just feel so much heartache as I know we would make such a great couple but I don't even know how or what to say to him.


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  • I had this too. Just text him, dont text him things that you won't say in life. Text him for like a week or so and then ask him if he would like to call you and talk. Talk about how he is doing, how he is doing at school and when you got into it start asking more private questions like: how are you doing with girls? or: do you like me? and he will probably say yes because guy wouldn't talk to a girl he knows if he dont like you. After few conversations on the phone, facetime him if you have iphone. This would let you to know him more and you won't be shy when you meet him in life. When you meet him in life, hug him first. This will let him know that you like to touch him. So he will hug you next time you will hangout together and will touch you more often.


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  • "Over the years"
    Well, give up. It's definitely not going to happen, especially considering the fact that you cannot muster up the courage to ask him out.


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