I have feelings for 2 people? Please help :(?

I used to like this one guy, for 4 years all throughout grade school. But he's a year older, so when he left to high school I thought I was over him. This year I started high school with him, and I still didn't really have feelings. I caught feelings for a different guy! I've been talking to the other guy online and I really like him (he goes to my school too)... The only problem is sometimes I'll have feelings for the first guy. Like it's so confusing! I know the first guy probably doesn't like me still, but I can't help it. I don't want to lead the new guy on, and then have to say I still like my old crush even tho he doesn't like me... Please help? (I also am worried my new crush doesn't like me, because he's been trying to talk to his ex lately... his ex is one of my friends)


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  • Damn that is thought situation. Sry don't have an advice for that. I been in similar situation and lost both of them :/


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  • Wow what an emotional mess... I like to keep it simple honestly. I only have one crush which is a bit older than me but he's really different then any other guy I met before and that makes him really special. Try to approach it from that point of view and go for the right guy that cares about you 😉


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