Should I forget about him?

Should I forget about him?
I met a perfect guy, we instantly clicked. He told me he was leaving, he is working abroad now, just before anything happened. But I was too curious about him, to leave it at that. We went on one date and after that he made me promise we either have a casual relationship before he leaves or then none at all. I had too strong feelings, so I chose the safe side. He was very dissapointed and tried to explain things over and over again but respected my choice. He was almost talking about getting together when he comes back. But ofc he didn't say it like that. Now he is leaving for half a year, I would want to keep in touch, but it would just mess things up. There was something I can't explain, still could be.
Guys, do you think I should forget about him entirely? Or as my head tells me, live my life and see what could happen when he comes back, maybe keep some kind of touch while he is there too?

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*as my heart tells me


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  • live your life and don't EXPECT to get back with him... but who knows. if it's meant to be, it'll be.. . however, don't get any hopes up until he comes back.

    • That's what I have tried, I just feel that maybe I am stupid for even hoping he will remember me.

    • I'm sure he'll remember you.. but it may happen that he's grown out of it or into someone else somewhat. it's hard to say, I've never met him... but there's always hope for love and affection! at least I hope so.

  • I think you kinda wanted it just before he left

    • my bad on that last one I think he wanted to just have sex with you before he left

    • I know he wanted that, but something happened when we met. I think it is called strong chemistry. He went totally crazy after that and then started convincing both me and himself, that there is no way he can start a long-distance-relationship. He was really overly concerned about it. If he had wanted just sex, he would have easily got it.

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