He likes me but won't hang out?

So I recently met this guy through a friend, and we've only hung out the one time we met and have been talking on msn for maybe a month because we haven't been able to plan a hang out. I keep making plans but he can never hang out. There was even one time when he said he would come but ended up not showing up and had a lame excuse about why. He keeps telling me he has a crush on me but then keeps making excuses about hanging out. I'm really confused because he seems like a nice guy and I really want to give him a chance, but I just don't know why he's telling me he likes me then won't hang out? It's very frustrating.


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  • I'm pretty sure this guy is just shy. I used to have the same problem. Its hard to make the transition from talking online to meeting in person. It probably has nothing to do with you but try to build up his confidence while talking on msn and then setup a date for the same night. This will give him less time to rethink the meeting, while if he sleeps on it he may become too nervous to make the jump. Try to go to him if you can.

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