Do I have much chance at dating as a 24 year old unsuccessful freelancer/part time online student thats liveing with parents?

On the plus Iv a car and I'm educated though I didn't fly through i got a 3rd in undergrad physics then applied to everything and got little bits of min wage work doing things like packing boxes on a temporary basis when they where particularly busy now i've taught my self and done bits of unpaid development related things such as 3d modeling for a charity i'm involved with and developing a small part of a MIS for a business i've been trying to get paid freelance development work but it's not going so well at the moment.

Iv thought about online dating but i'm just not sure if it's worth effort of taking genuinely good photos making it well written , testing approaches for messaging etc
If no one is going to be interested because i live with my parents and don't have an income?
Same goes for speed dating. If my friends won't all married or engaged then meeting women in nightclubs and bars as well.


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  • Yes you do. Women will love a man for who he is, not how much fame he has. Trust in the fact that women like that do exist. Stay optimistic. Stay positive. Meetup. com is a great idea!

    • I tried that for a few tech meetups though I wish the meetups where a bit more near by so i could make them regular.

    • Yes that's definitely a good idea.

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  • You can still get chicks, if you're interesting enough even if you don't have an income and you live with your parents. The fact that you live with your parents may have an impact, but it doesn't mean you should give up on dating.


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  • don't short yourself, sure there are bitchs out there who 1st thing they look at is your status and not who you are as a human being. get out more and try and find a place you can interact with women. and noe one said you had to lay it all down 1st date. now if you plan on going no where then expect to stay that way.

  • Well first check is the attractiveness check. Should you pass that the next question will be why you don't have a salaried job - or if self employed where is your ambition and drive? (big checkboxes for women).

    Living with parents is acceptable at your age because of the costs involved these days, but you have to show that you have some kind of direction you are heading to.


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