Girls, what do you get out of being assholes to guys? I'm seriously curious?

No judgement. A lot of girls on here i see it all over they just come at guys real rude when they do anything to provoke them. What do you get out of it? Why do it? We're all scratching our heads. Are guys in your regular lives mean to you and you come here for vengeance? You make guys like me who intentionally prey on the vulnerable emotions of women actually feel justified about it... who hurt you? why don't you like yourself that you feel the need to lash out? we want to know...


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  • Provoke usually means "aggravate in a way to get a rise out of someone". I am an asshole to men who don't understand that I am not here to send nudes, talk dirty, or answer questions about my virginity. However, this is because since I was 11, twenty year old or older pedophiles would try to groom me for naked photos. So I automatically bite anyone who tries to do it now. I'm this mean to the boys offline who do the same thing.

    • not that though it seems like when a guy simply expresses his opinion in a super non offensive way about anything some girl is always there to put him down like wtf...

  • Usually because the guys on here won't leave them alone and act creepy.

    An example is a guy started messaging me acting normal, then randomly turned the conversation to asking for pictures of my feet. I politely declined once then he kept asking and asking so I got annoyed then blocked him. I've had this happen multiple times.

    The guys who get that reaction from girls are 9/10 not innocent of behavior like that.

    • "You make guys like me who intentionally prey on the vulnerable-"
      Stop right there. You deserve girls acting like assholes to you if you do that. That's WHY they do that, because guys like you exist. Wow

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    • It's either feet, or how hairy women are, or different fetishes lol. Majority have been feet

    • that's so weird dude. i wouldn't even know what a pretty foot looks like

  • it just takes a few people to ruin it for everyone sometimes it only takes one person so some girls here get an idea of the guys here based off of what someone else did making them feel a certain way towards y'all even though you guys are some of the nicest people but its just those few others who put you in a situation like that so behalf of all girls who flew off the handle with you ill say sorry

    • i have a theory i just came up with this morning... do modern day mothers talk disrespectfully to their husbands while the dad just kind of takes it and the girl sees this and then expects it to work the same way with regular guys... and then is really confused when they get offended and hurt

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    • lol then do me a favor and don't share your opinions on my takes if you don't feel you're mentally capable of contributing anything worth anything

    • alright dude

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