Would you date someone with PTSD?

I was diagnosed with ptsd 3 years ago, since then I've been managing my condition - drs - therapy - etc. I see a therapist once a month for it now. It would go unnoticed to almost everyone involved in my life at this stage
My boyfriend mentioned it tonight I think in a joking way, that no one else would put up with someone having it.. i was curious of y'alls opinion?

  • Yes, if it was managed
  • Yes, regardless
  • No.
  • Other.
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  • i would seeing how my dad had it but was not really diagnosed because he had agent orange from viatnam which had more attention than that. but my mom stayed married to him 36 years before he passed away. she loved him through all the rough times even when it was scary .

    like once he got so mad he through a head of lettuce though a sheet rock wall into another room which scared some kids and they left never coming back lol. sounds funny but it was hard on him till the very end.

    and it ended with me never saying my peace with him when he passed away. so i regret not trying as hard as my mom did for all those years.


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  • If it's managed. Being asleep and having them suddenly wake up and start crying/yelling/panicking/struggling because of it is scary.

  • Not at the moment because I'm not stable enough myself to be there for someone through aomething like that. But if I were in a brtter place mentally, yes

  • Yes if it was managed.


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