My worth?

Is it wrong to think you have worth or should you not have any worth at all? Can you possibly think your worth too much or are you settling short?

I get confused cause some say I deserve the finest things in life but I'm not getting it from my boyfriend and I'm selling myself short because of it.


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  • depends do you love your bf,is your boyfriend trying to get a better job(if he has one), are you one of those girls that just want to be in a relationship just for money, like for now my income isn't all that well, 400 bux every 2wks, I'm just making it, bills that I have is cable,phone,and anything for my car(that I need), I try to get everything for my gf, I take her out, buy her clothes, jewelry,but I know it isn't enough, I ask her if she cares about my job, she says no because she knows I've struggled,and I'm trying to get a better job by going to college(that I'm paying), if its just a fling and won't last then yes, but don't leave your boyfriend if you want something more with him, because love doesn't have a price tag, my gfs friends wants to break up with her boyfriend because he went into his family business and quit his banking job, and he is getting less income,but if your boyfriend wants to be a bum all his life, then yeah leave him, or if he is greedy, but if he is working his butt off to become something, then give him a chance, money might make everything easier, but its lonely when you have no one to hold on to at night!

    • This sweet you do those things for your girlfriend. My boyfriend does things for me, but doesn't go over and beyond. Like he'll take me to the movies and sometimes to dinner. But he won't spend anything else for me (like things I would want,or things I need fixed like my car) without putting up a fight or I end up taking care of it myself. Everyone around me says I'm being taking advantage of cause he does this cause he'll have money to sit on while I struggle. But I don't want to "use" him.

    • Nah you do deserve better, like every month of our anniversary date, I always buy her a bear or stuffed animal, I'm not trying to make you feel bad or say I'm better or anything, but there are more guys out there, as for the money, my girlfriend has mom and dad to help her, I will spend my money on her, even if its my gas money, because I know that if I really need gas her parents will help me out

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  • If your boyfriend is not giving you what you deserve and you sit around tolerating it then you are settling and selling yourself short. No offense but why would you even ask if you should have any worth at all? Of course you should WTF every girl should think that she is #1 and not put up with bullsh*t. Why settle for less than you deserve? You're the one ending up with the short end of the stick. Your boyfriend gets to treat you like crap and still get p**** too. Lucky him but not so lucky you