This girl gives mixed signals. Does this girl like me?

I will enlist some facts regarding me and this girl:

-She stares at me and almost never looks away (she has a blank face). I look away first. But every time I turn around and stare back, she is still looking at me. Happened more than three times.

-She rarely approaches me to talk. But when I do approach her, she seems happy. She also looks into my eyes and listens to every word I tell her carefully.

-She never texts me first. She generally takes 1-12 hours to reply (she told me she doesn't check her phone very often. And her Whatsapp "last seen" confirms it). But she never gives me one word replies. Her replies are detailed and she even comes with new topics sometimes. Not to mention that she also replies even when it is not necessary.

-Not sure if this counts, but one time we made a pinkie swear and she began to "shake" our hands mildly. She did it with a playful smile in her face. She was also the last to release the grip.

I also heard that this girl is quite shy, but she sometimes displays confidence, so I ain't sure.

Thank you!
She doesn't like texting that much.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think she simply considers you a friend. If a girl is very into someone, they won't reply to them after 1-12 hours. They usually do it immediately, unless of course they are like me -I really dislike texting.


What Guys Said 1

  • Oh ya bud she definitely likes you


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