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My long distance boyfriend and i go to different colleges but I come home monthly so its not horrible. Well he has a date night party that I invited myself to last year and we had a great time. Well to get there I would need to fly home. He's mentioned the party date but hasn't said he was bringing me and already paid for his own ticket. But before tickets were due I sent a picture of flight prices which were shockingly very very cheap (under 100 roundtrip!!!) I paid only paid for the flight last year so I assumed that would be the case this year if he invited me. Well that was last week and flights have went up a lot and I still haven't been invited. Tickets are due by next week but 1. isn't this unreasonably fair that he didn't invite me when the tickets were reasonable 2. isn't it ridiculous 3 weeks before an event im not invited, its not like i can drive there i need to plan a lot in advance. I dont know if his friends dont want me there and have kinda pressured him not to bring me (i know lame but nothing else makes sense) . But everyone has a date and at this point if he invites me he's out of luck I shouldn't have to pay 3-4 times the flight price because he didn't invite me or plan in advance. I don't know if this may be an excuse to not take me when he sees the flights have went up a lot. Whats hurting me is that he doesn't seem to want me there (last year i invited myself, which i thought was because it was his first time going and he was just nervous). And that we never get to do stuff being long distance. Please give me your opinion. I already got into a fight about why he never invites me place he goes "i want to go everywhere with you" yet he still hasn't invited me.
forgot to add we have been dating for 3 years. its not like we just met and im not serious enough to be brought


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  • Yeah some might


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