Guy has been texting me only-- what are some questions to ask to see if he is hiding something?

I added him on snap and Instagram.
He doesn't post much. We are supposed to meet this week but it's been two weeks and we've only been texting. I don't know if we should Skype or FaceTime first? What can I text him to see if he ha a girlfriend or if he's just shy?
He doesn't make plans ahead of time either. Like we are supposed to meet and he doesn't plan anything. We are just friends but we are obviously attracted to each other.


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  • just ask him straight forward

    • What exactly do I ask?
      Like, do you have a gf?
      I don't know I'm trying to keep it cool but it's hard

What Girls Said 1

  • Ask him directly if he is currently seeing other people. I don't understand what's wrong with being direct with the other person


    • Account: my issue isn't him seeing other people.
      Romantic wise I'm ok on holding off.
      I just want to get a feel of how he is as a person/ be friends first. We haven't hung out for that yet. He doesn't seem eager. When I cancelled last week due to me being very busy for work he mentioned rescheduling to this week. So I thought okay. However he's not too eager on any other days. I don't flirt with him because we discussed what he and I both wanted. I'm not sure we are on the same page. He says he's looking for something serious but not rushing any time soon. I like asking direct questions but I'm not sure what question to ask him now.

    • He's always saying he thinks I'm awesome and cool.
      Which is good, however wouldn't you want to meet and hangout with someone you think like that? When I mention what are we doing on Thursday or Friday -- he says I don't know. Or when I think of an idea, he says I don't know.

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