Girls: Do You Feel As If You're Actually Giving Honest Pick Up Advice To Guys?

I ask this question because I've realized most girls will give you advice on how to get girls and it would be the complete opposite of what they like. For example, a girl will say "Just Be Nice and Respectful" or "Just Be Yourself and you will eventually find the girl for you" Etc. then the same girl will go after the thugs & assholes. I've seen a guy put on a thug act to pick up women & he was actually more successful than he was previously with women. So why do women tend to give us unhelpful advice like that?


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  • I love to be honest with guys, so I never tell guys "just be yourself" and whatnot. I see girls who do that, and I roll my eyes at it. It's too general, and if a guy is asking clearly that hasn't been working. I give advice based on my personal experiences and observations. I would never say act like a thug or @sshole, but there are certain characteristics those guys present that women seem to like and I tell guys to take those characteristics and then take the @sshole part out of it. Did that just this week with a guy here on GAG.

    I think girls give generic advice because they don't realize how they are or what guys go through in trying to get a girl. If a guy is himself and himself is awkward, quiet/shy or whatever like that, yeah he's going to have issues unless it's one of those girls who loves those kinds of guys. I think girls just feel like guys are wired to just hit on whomever they like no matter what and take rejection, and that's not true. I like to give guys advice that will minimize their chances of rejection because I know I suck at handling rejection--like, it will bother me all day for two days at least and then sting for some more time and affect my decisions/actions going forward. I'm about lessening those experiences and risks, not just telling you to just go for it and deal with the fallout, basically.


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  • I always give advice as if I was telling them how to pick me up. Which is exactly be nice and be yourself, or if being nice isn't your thing be sarcastic and know where the line you shouldn't cross is
    I know one sarcastic friend of mine has a girl now from this advice

  • Sorry? No girls want some jerks & assholes

  • Depends on the girl


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