Alright guys and gals, what are some amazing, simple date ideas?

So I'm hanging out with my girlfriend at her folks place tomorrow and there's literally nothing going on near us that could be remotely interesting and it will be super cold so we can't really go for a walk or things like that.

Just wondering if anyone had any simple, unique ideas for a date night that might be worth trying.

Thanks so much everyone :)


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  • Video-games, watch a movie, play board-games, cook together...


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  • You could always play a board game

    • yeah, great idea!

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    • we usually like simple games that are easy and fun :)

    • Hmmm, sorry is fun, guess who, Simon says (not a board game but still fun), operation?, 2 truths and a lie (they have a board game for it)

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  • Strip club.


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