After a ome night stand, he left his applewatch at my place. I told him and he just read my text with no replies. What is he thinking?

I met a guy on tinder. We talked a few times and had a one night stand. He left his applewatch and a collar in my room. Eventhough I texted him he just read my text with no anwers. What do u think? What does this mean?


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  • Send him a selfie of you wearing both items and see if you can get a response out of him xD. See if he really means that it was suppose to be a one night stand. I'd say its okay to play mind games to see what his real motive was.

    • I didn't send him a selfie wearing it but sent him a pic of the items. I mean, what kind of guu leaves an applewatch? If i were a guy who met a girl just for the night, I'd make sure I got my applewatch. As if it were a cheap item! It's a whole. more expensive in my cointry.. Tjis strange behaciour makes me wonder what he thinks!

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    • I think he just wanted a one night stand (as i did too), and maybe he was desperate to leave and then forgot his items? He told me "see you next time" though..

    • I'd say to just do the selfie and leave the open question of "you know... you left this stuff at my place." And add the selfie.

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  • That he doesn't care that much. Text him one more time, give it a month, then it's yours by abandonment.


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  • Hey you could sell it

  • He could have an hidden active girlfriend or just wanted sex nothing more. You could pretend as if want sex again and soon he comes over hand his items then make him leave!

  • Maybe he's rich so he doesn't really care if he forgot it...

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