Would these two personalities work well together?

Introvert, doesn't really know how to flirt, bakes, doesn't game but enjoys watching, shy with little self confidence, funny, sarcastic, dark humour loving.

Extrovert, gamer, programmer, writes poems (really deep ones), high amount of self confidence, plays base guitar, can flirt, loves attention but gets it naturally rather than lying for it.


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What Guys Said 2

  • from my experience yes. minus the gaming, and I play regular guitar. seriously. and all my best relationships have been with tires described like yourself.
    lol how many important traits you both NEED that you do have in common. matching senses of humor, your level of friendship and of course your sexual compatibility are probably the most important actually. Although you, either go for it, or if you're already with him, go glow for it.

    • @the_FEMALE just curious, what are your and his astrological signs? do you know?

  • very beautifully


What Girls Said 1

  • Sure, if both of them put the same amount of effort, it can work.


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