What are some good questions I can ask a girl when we go out?

I'm going out with a girl I like. I'm actually nervous cause its my first time asking a girl out ever lol. Its not a date of course, but I wanted to know what are some good open ended questions to ask a girl when going out for the first time to make good conversation? Any other advice would be appreciated as well.


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  • Just things she likes to do in her free time, favorite music, what she wants to do in life, where she's been to, where she wants to go just get to know her, like you would do a normal conversation with anyone, and just keep it going even if there are akwards moments just joke about it, so you guys can have some fun and not always so serious


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  • Well you can first ask where does she want to go in case you haven't decided

    • What about when we are at our destination?

    • Ok... You can ask what she would like to drink...

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