What do you think about the way this girl has been acting toward my boss and me at work? Is she flirting or acting friendly toward us?

I was introduced by a coworker to a new hire for assistance. I started helping her and she would tell me I was very helpful and awesome. She offered me to buy me candy and coffee but I declined both offers and told her no thank you. She got upset at both times I declined the offer. I was actually the first tech to assist her. She would sometimes contact the second tech for assistance. One time she asked me if I was free and if not she told me to contact the second tech. For 4 months, she would contact 2-3 times a week for assistance by calling my work number, chat or email. She even called me and asked if she was bothering me by contacting me so often.

After 4 months, I mentioned my boss in my signature so she found out who my boss was. She sent me a message for assistance with letting her borrow a computer to use at home but I was busy so I didn’t see the message. She eventually contacted my boss and asked for assistance. Since he was in a different building he contacted me to assist her. He mentioned he would’ve assisted her if he was in the same building. That evening, I went to her and assisted her with computer and nobody was in her floor except me and her. I sat right next to her and started assisting her. We talked about school, work and she asked me where I lived for and talked for about 30 mins. I told her she can contact me tomorrow for further assistance. She eventually looked down and blushed. The next day, she chatted me and asked me to please call her personal cell phone number with a smiley face emoji. Since I was busy, I assisted her through chat. 4 days later, I texted her Hello at 8pm in the evening and she responded with everything is fine. Is there something you need. The next day at work, she avoided me for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, she stepped out and look at me but I looked down and walked away. Later that evening, she sent me an email but I ignored it. For 2 months, she avoided me. She put her hand over for her face looking down avoiding me.

During the 2 months, she avoided me, she started contacting my boss for assistance. My boss said the girl was cute and he was in love with her. He told me he reached out to hug her and she hugged him and kissed him. He mentioned she was very cheerful when he came around. She started contacting him often through work email, phone and chat. She would tell him it was great speaking to him with smiley face emojis.
I started feeling jealous and upset.
After 2 months of avoiding me, she randomly sent me an email with Hope you’re doing well with a smiley face emoji. She met me in the elevator and she screamed out It’s been a while, I’ve been stalking you.
On my boss last day with the company, he mentioned he got an email from her mentioning that she was going to miss him with hug and kisses emoji in the email.


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  • wow what a way to be a 'new hire' huh.. my old and cynical opinion is that she's not being very professional at all for starters: normally, any adult person knows that flirting at your working place could cause infinite troubles, not to mention flirting with 2 people at the same time, and specially if one out of these 2 people happens to be your boss. there are less lame ways to try and approach a guy @work rather than asking them constantly for assistance.. the mere fact she's been acting the same way with her boss just smells fishy, maybe she's trying to flirt her way up the career ladder, or she's just desperate to settle with someone who's 100% well off.. if you get what I mean. overall, this whole hugs/kisses/smiley emoji thing sounds a bit childish to me, if I were a man I would keep the hell away from someone like this. my question now would be: do you really like her that much or did you just enjoy the attention? jealousy sometimes fuck things up for all of us in a weird way.

    • Thanks for your response.
      She was actually acting this way toward my boss and me rather tham her boss who is a female.
      She may been acting friendly toward us rather than flirting.
      The reason I asked the question is wheter she was flirting with me or him or just acting friendly.
      Why is it considered childish when she started hugging and kissing my boss and sending both of us smiley faces.

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