What does it mean when a guy says?

'I'm picky with girls but I will gladly date you and have amazing sex/ making love type business with you.'
When you two aren't dating and are both talking to other people but have talked for about two years just haven't proceeded with anything because of distance.

What if the guy isn't looking for a fuck buddy or friends with benefits because he actually wants a relationship.


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  • lol he's horny wtf..


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  • It basically means "Lets be fuck buddies" in another words. Friends with benefits!

    • But he doesn't want me just for sex because he said he wanted to date me?

    • Well, if he wants to date you.. test him. See if he's serious about it.

    • Well to be honest I'm confused. He talks to me a lot and tells me he wants to date me and gives off the impression he does but he's really bad at messaging back.

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  • they are looking for a fuck buddy that's it...

    • But he he's just got out of a 1 year relationship and doesn't seem interested in just having sex with me. He's always very interested in my life and acts like he cares about me.

    • yep he's playing the game. he is a hunter trying to get back in the swing. believe me he's just looking for a fuck buddy.

  • just sex nothing more nothing less


What Girls Said 1

  • I think if he wanted to date you, he wouldn't mention sex like that... haha could be wrong.

    Maybe it's the distance, maybe it's him.